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In response to seeing all the pollution around the world created by plastic waste, we felt that a conscious effort should be made to help reduce it.

It  became big news that 2.5 Billion plastic lined, paper cups, are used and disposed of in the UK, EVERY YEAR! There must be alternatives that could not only be reused and recycled, but were also kinder to the environment from the outset. And there is!


The Rice Husk is a clear way forward.




The rice husk reusable mugs and associated products are made from waste, this means

  • We are using a waste product that would otherwise be disposed of
  • The base material already exists so doesn’t have to be planted or mined

Apart from transporting the finished product from A to B there is no mining, planting, growing or harvesting, to make it available.

The resin used is naturally occurring so is proved to be harmless to the environment.

In use they are tough, almost unbreakable, measured on the glass breaking scale, 1.5 bullet proof.

The mugs should be treated with care to get the maximum life out of them, so:

  • Wash by hand – dishwashers will remove the shiny surface
  • Use hot not scalding water – just as China scalding water can cause cracking
  • Keep microwave use to a minimum heating not boiling the liquid

At the end of their life they can return back to nature as they are fully biodegradable

Currently we use silicone lids and sleeves – we are researching alternatives to make all elements biodegradable. In the first instance we are looking at replacing the sleeves with a strong card version – we will keep you updated with our progress.



Additionally, we can offer a printed card sleeve which has all sorts of potential for information and marketing. These sleeves have the option of advertising special offers or giving useful information on the main body and can be produced with tear off tokens that can offer incentives for revisits or discounts for neighbouring retail outlets. 

We are experimenting with different designs to replace the silicon lid so that the mugs can be easy to use and drip proof.

Our aim is to provide a recycled, reusable and biodegradable product that will reduce waste and return to nature at the end of its useful life. We would like to work with coffee shops, restaurants and cafes who are looking for this type of solution for their customers.

We are also looking to work with organisations who would like to cut down on the use of disposable cups and their contribution to landfill. We see these branded reusable mugs (these can also be personalised for each employee) as gifts perhaps at Christmas or a special anniversary or simply to be more environmentally friendly.



Rice husk has a number of names, the most common being husk, hull, rice shell and chaff.


It’s the outermost layer of protection encasing a rice grain. It is a yellowish colour and has a convex shape. It is slightly larger than a grain of rice. Typical dimensions are 4mm by 6mm. It is lightweight, having a ground bulk density of 340kg/m3 to 400kg/m3.


Rice husks themselves are a class A thermal insulating material because they are difficult to burn and less likely to allow moisture to propagate mould or Fungi.


Rice is the most commonly eaten daily foodstuff for more than 2/3rds of the worlds population with 478 Million tons of rice produced annually worldwide and 20% of the total volume of the rice crop is husk.

95,600 Million kilos of rice husk that are produced annually by the industry are not being used because it doesn’t have substantial commercial value and become organic waste.

Farmers previously struggled to dispose of it due to it’s large volume presenting an environmental problem concerning its disposal.


We use an Exclusive Patented process to transform tones of this organic waste in products for domestic use instead of using other raw materials that need specific collection, extraction, farming or processing and therefore, making a bigger and undesired impact on our environment.

Following an Original Formula we combine the rice husks (previously grinded) with a 100% natural resin with no added chemicals, making the resultant material compact, hard and foremost Natural and Organic.

Through a high temperature moulding procedure we give this mixture its final cup-shape and hardness.

After this, all our cups are carefully polished one by one to give them their final shiny look.